Writer, Director, Producer

The award-winning feature-length documentary The Return of Paul Jarrett represents Mr. Jarrett’s first solo project as writer, director and producer. In 1992, as a co-producer on the ground-breaking documentary Power and Fear: The Hollywood Graylist, he helped expose the hidden but rampant acts of age discrimination (ageism) within the television industry.

Mr. Jarrett has enjoyed a career that has spanned across several disciplines; allowing him to succeed at the humanist art of making poignant stories come alive. Trained as a history teacher Clark has taught at almost every level; from junior high school to the university.

As a winner of two Telly Awards and six P.A.C.E Awards, Mr. Jarrett has also made a career for himself performing “on-camera” as well, starring in television, film and stage.

Among the more than twenty awards the film has garnered so far are the Gold Medal for Historical Series from the New York Festival of Film, a Telly Finalist, a Silver Cindy, and a Gold Camera Award from the U.S. International Film & Video Festival.

This is a very special project for Clark as it fulfills a commitment he made over ten years ago to his grandfather and to the remaining veterans of World War I. He promised them that he would finish this story so that others could learn about the horrors of trench warfare; the impact the First World War had on western civilization; and, most importantly, the sacrifices these men and women made so long ago. The Return of Paul Jarrett is destined to be the last personal story ever completed on this subject matter.

He is currently writing the feature-film screenplay based upon the documentary.

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